German Lute Guitar Repair


Just finished fixing the bridge on this really cool German Lute Guitar. The owner and I were discussing a complete overhaul including changing the bracing to sound more like a traditional lute. We decided against that since the instrument is still in such good shape. The bridge needed some cracks repaired though, so now it is back in operation.

Stradivari Baroque Guitar Plans

baroque guitar, guitar


I am selling the plans I made for the Stradivari Baroque Guitar. They are mostly based off of the Sabionari guitar from 1679. I detail some of the aspects of tone and give string dimensions and sources for materials as well. Let me know if you are interested by filling out the form below.

Digital Copy: $30

Printed Copy: $50

Spanish Classical Guitar Progress

classical guitar, guitar

Making progress on my classical guitar build. At the “in the white stage” where everything is scraped and ready for shellac. Top is Carpathian Spruce and the back and sides is a very green set of Bocote. I managed a good display of the gorgeous sapwood on the back. Overall the back and sides turned out very interesting.