Build pictures

Stradivari Baroque Guitar Back and Sides

Stradivari Baroque Guitar Back and Sides. Paper lining for the back, not wood.

Baroque Guitar Soundboard

Stradivari Baroque Guitar soundboard bracing.

Stradivari Baroque Guitar Top

Here is the Stradivari Baroque Guitar from the top.

Lute Neck

Lute Neck Veneer


Watercolor paper is glued in-between the ribs on the inside of the lute “bowl”

Lute January 007

An inside view of the top or “belly” of the lute. The single long bar controls the bass, and the two small bars control the treble.

Lute January 005

A harmonious bracing pattern

march 2014 110

This is the wooden mold for the bowl. The thirteen ribs are glued side by side starting with the top middle one.

Lute January 010

This is the bridge, the connection of the strings to the belly. This one is pear wood that has been stained black.

march 2014 013

This is the pegbox. It will eventually be fitted with thirteen pegs; one for each string.

Lute January 031

This is the bowl without any varnish on it.

march 2014 113

Bottom view of lute after five coats of varnish


More pictures coming soon!



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