Finished Stradivari Baroque Guitar


Got the Stradivari Baroque Guitar all finished! Strung it up with Aquila Nylgut strings. It has a long scale at 74 cm. I will post a video soon to show how it sounds.

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4 thoughts on “Finished Stradivari Baroque Guitar

  1. The carving is so intricate. Have you found that the ornate carving over the hole of the body noticeably affects the sound? Do different carving patterns over the hole of the body affect the sound in a distinct way; i.e., given two carvings, can you tell the different in sound due to the carving pattern differences?

    1. The covering of the soundhole with the carving does change the sound. It gives it a softer, muffled sound. As far as different styles, maybe the sound changes slightly. I know that having three small carved soundholes sounds different than one large carved soundhole.

    1. Sure, give me a couple of days to finalize it and upload the file onto the web. I might sell it through my etsy account, not sure. I will let you know. I am thinking $20 for the downloadable file.

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