Harmonia Lutherie – Eric Shull

I began making instruments in 2010. Mostly out of curiosity and a determination to understand what makes a guitar sound good. I originally was interested in the experimental designs of modern classical guitars and all the details that gave them different aspects of tone.

After going to a lute performance, I became fascinated with the tone and repertoire of this strange ancient instrument. I quickly learned that lutes are incredibly complex and sophisticated. From the technique, to the detailed construction, to the vast library of original works (more has been written for the lute than the piano!) I was hooked. I also found out why the lute became forgotten around the end of the 18th century: it is a complicated instrument to make and to play.

I strive to make instruments in the tradition of the old master lute makers.  I use high quality ingredients and materials for every aspect of my builds. I mix my own varnish, paste wax, mastic, etc. I use hide glue for strength, ease of repair and authenticity.

I currently build many different types of instruments. I build Baroque and Renaissance lutes, Baroque guitars and classical guitars.

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    1. Hi Nicholas, I do sell my instruments. There are so many different options. Is there a specific instrument you are interested in? The instruments I already have forms for are the German 13 course baroque lute, the Italian 7 course renaissance lute and the Italian 5 course baroque guitar. I also make classical guitars. I am always up for something different too, I am building a Balalaika for a customer right now. Happy to answer any questions about prices or designs for instruments.

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