Finished Baroque Guitar

baroque guitar, guitar

Got the Stradivari Baroque guitar all done! Now it’s time to play and enjoy the fruits of all my labor. It took over a year with all the planning and other interruptions that life brings. Lots of effort and problem solving, it was fun! I am going to sell the plan I made online somewhere, stay tuned for that.

4 thoughts on “Finished Baroque Guitar

  1. I like the sound, and the guitar looks great. Do baroque guitars in general not have the dots in the fretboard indicating the third (fifth, etc) fret?

    Also, you mentioned selling design plans. Do you intend to sell the actual guitars eventually?

    1. The dots on the fretboard is more of a modern invention. They could be added, never seen it done on a Baroque guitar though. Yes, I am looking to sell my instruments. I made a new page with prices of instruments.

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