Baroque Lute

Baroque lute finished Spring of 2017. Courses 3 through 5 are strung with real gut. Sounds amazing.

Baroque Lute Back

Lute ribs are Pacific Yew with Holly spacers. I continued the design into the neck with Ebony thrown in for contrast.

Lute Pegbox

Pegbox of Cherry and Holly wood. The Holly was varnished with a clear varnish to retain the white color.

Lute Rose

Knot of Leonardo lute rose

Lute Bowl

Lute bowl made of Pacific Yew wood. No spacers used.


7-Course Renaissance Alto Lute after Wendelio Venere. First course is a single string. 59cm scale


Engelmann Spruce belly, ebony fretboard, swiss pear bridge. Strung with Aquila nylgut strings.


Ribs are pacific yew with maple spacers. Neck veneer is cocobolo and ebony with holly stripes.


Rose without border carving. Different, I kind of like the simplicity.


13 course after Dieffopruchar. Maple bowl, ebony and holly neck veneer.


European spruce belly, ebony fretboard, swiss pear bridge. Strung with nylgut strings.

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