7-Course lute bridge creation


The renaissance lute bridge is a one piece, fully functional object. The Classical guitar bridge developed over time to have a slot cut into the top of it, and a bone “saddle” perfectly fitted into this slot. This was to aid adjustment to the height of the strings over the fretboard. A very complicated situation at first glance, but once you understand the rules and where you want to end up with your string height; it is not that difficult. You must build the lute bridge with all of this information already known, because of the difficulty in adjusting the string height on the bridge. The lute bridge design is very small and light to aid in the quick response of the instrument and to minimize unwanted sustain. The bridge I made here is constructed from swiss pear. After it is finished I coat it with a black stain and varnish over the stain to seal it. Below the finished bridge is the blank of swiss pear that it was made from.September 2014 022

2 thoughts on “7-Course lute bridge creation

  1. I need a bridge for a six course lute, can you please tell me where I can purchase one ? Thank you

    1. Hi James, sorry for the late reply. I have searched the internet high and low for all types of pre-made lute parts, and I have never seen anyone offering a finished bridge. Bridges are made with a basic format, but are also custom made to the players specification for string spacing. The strings also need to line up with the edges of the fretboard properly. Keeping all this in mind, it would be hard to mass produce a bridge that would work for all 6-course lutes only. If you live near Portland Oregon I could make one for you pretty easily, but gluing it on is another thing also! 🙂 -Eric

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